Government Agencies

Correctional Services

Across Canada, provincial correctional service agencies have the responsibility to supervise convicted offenders who have been directed by the courts to serve their time in the community, e.g., on Probation or Conditional Sentence. In other cases, convicted offenders are directed to serve their time in jail but may receive permission to be released early on Parole, or temporarily released for short periods. For all of these cases, correctional agencies have the mandate to supervise these offenders in the community while managing the public’s safety. Electronic monitoring provides these agencies with tools to help meet the challenges of their important role: officers can focus on supervising their offenders and keeping them accountable while the technology monitors compliance with house arrest, home curfew, alcohol abstinence and movement restrictions.


Immigration cases where individuals present high risks to public safety will usually involve detention, but there are cases where an independent adjudicator agrees that release from custody is suitable. Jemtec offers the Canada Border Security Agency with electronic monitoring solutions for such cases, which allow Federal Immigration Officers to supervise strict conditions for released persons while reducing their contact with other custodial populations.


High-risk, high-profile cases can sometimes require significant around-the-clock resources from local police agencies. Jemtec’s modern tracking technologies can provide repeat-offender or high-risk law enforcement units with the means to leverage resources efficiently and effectively. Police tasked with the management of Section 810 orders or offenders with a Dangerous Offenders or Long-Term Offender designation can benefit from technology that detects compliance with curfew orders while the individual resides in the community. In addition, tracking technology can be set up to alert law enforcement if monitored individuals enter prohibited areas like parks, schools, playgrounds, airports, etc.