Cost-effective & modern compliance tools

We focus on finding affordable and dependable compliance solutions for our customers' wide-ranging needs. Our innovative technology partners help us to deliver solutions for electronic monitoring, alcohol monitoring, GPS tracking, voice verification and other applications. We build and maintain relationships with technology leaders so that our customers can focus on everything else in their busy environments.

Partnering with public safety agencies

For over 25 years Jemtec has helped public safety agencies across Canada introduce technology to assist their staff to enhance offender accountability and manage risk in the community. We have developed long-term relationships with officers who use our solutions in policing, correctional services, bail release, immigration, extradition and more.

Customized solutions for individuals

Over the years we've expanded our services to cater directly to individuals in special situations. These are customers who pay for their own equipment - so that they are monitored at home while they await decisions from various levels of the justice system.

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GPS Tracking

Our Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking technology is well suited for cases when a person's whereabouts must be confirmed throughout the day or night.

Alcohol Monitoring

Modern alcohol detection technology remotely captures a person's breath alcohol level, facial image and GPS location - all at the same time.

Radio-Frequency and
Biometric Monitoring

Radio-frequency technology can remotely determine a person's presence or absence at their home location. Voice verification systems can be set to perform random spot checks that a person is abiding by their curfew order.