Our list of Frequently Asked Questions below is just a start - please use our Contact form if you have questions we don't cover below.

#1 Our police service is paying too much for our system. How can you help us?

We will be pleased to talk about your needs and any problems you are facing. We especially aim to understand what your agency and operational objectives are first, and then seek out the solutions with the best fit. We can come up with very cost effective solutions once we fully understand what your agency needs. We are well versed with the purchasing and procurement rules that public agencies are required to respect, and will work with the utmost professionalism and ethical standards that you expect.

#2 Our correctional service has never used GPS before. What's the risk?​​​

Today's GPS tracking solutions use the same types of location technologies that are available in your smartphone or your vehicle's GPS system. The technology is no longer science fiction -- and has helped countless agencies to enhance offender accountability and manage risk. Correctional Service staff can use these modern tools to make sure that clients are attending their programs, avoiding certain parts of town or associates, and helping provide some structure for a more successful reintegration back into society.​

#3 We manage a caseload of youth at risk - how will you help us?

With over 25 years of experience focused in Canada, we have had the benefit of working with many agencies and in many situations. Our customers have worked with youth at risk before, and we understand the most sensitive issues involved. We also understand the interplay between agency objectives, a youth caseload profile, legal and operational framework, and how specific portions of a technology solution need to accommodate yout youth agency's constraints. We usually can provide more than a single solution if you are working with youth at risk.

#4 We work with victims of Domestic Violence and the people who have assaulted them. Is there a specific type of technology we should be looking at?

Domestic Violence is a real challenge for most experienced public safety officials. There is not single silver bullet solution - but there are agencies who are developing guidelines and frameworks that use the latest location technologies. With today's solutions, victims can be notified automatically if the perpetrator is nearby. Jemtec's experience and extensive network is another benefit that we offer to our public safety customers

#5 I’m an invidual seeking bail or release from immigration detention. What does it cost to pay for my own monitoring?

We have solutions for private individuals starting at $439 per month, and that price includes supply of the equipment and the 24-hour-a-day professional monitoring service from our Response Centre in downtown Toronto. Jemtec has been providing private bail and immigration release solutions since 2004, and we are happy to speak to family members and their lawyers about the details of preparing a comprehensive proposal for review by the Court or Immigration Review Board.