I’m an individual seeking bail or release from immigration detention. What does it cost to pay for my own monitoring, and how does it work?
  1. We have solutions for private individuals starting at $455 per month, and that price includes supply of the equipment and the 24-hour-a-day professional response from our Response Centre in downtown Toronto.
  2. Jemtec has been providing private bail and immigration release solutions since 2004, and we are happy to speak to family members and their lawyers about the details of preparing a comprehensive proposal for review by the Court or Immigration Review Board.
  3. We offer different technologies depending on the release plan being proposed by Counsel and we take the time to discuss the various options and costs. Not all cases require GPS tracking and we offer other technologies that are less costly, less intrusive and less time consuming. However if Counsel believes that GPS tracking will make a difference for the client, we offer a number of different solutions to aim for the best fit.
  4. If your charges are alcohol-related, we offer remote alcohol breath testing that can document that you are abiding by your conditions to abstain from alcohol. This handheld technology is easy to use and is packed with features that allow you to take breath tests within seconds and the information is uploaded to our servers automatically. Our technology will do it all easily and affordably so that you can focus on other things.
  5. To reach us, click here to reach our Contact Form, or call us at 1-877-929-4559. We make the extra effort to try and return emails and calls after hours and during weekends.
I'm a lawyer wanting to propose this as part of the release plan for my client. How can you help me?
  1. Jemtec has been offering customized private bail and immigration monitoring solutions since 2004, and we've testified in numerous judicial and adjudicating settings, so we're familiar with your pressures and your needs. We're happy to explain how our technologies can best fit with your release plan, how it works, what it does and doesn't do. We're familiar with court processes and timelines, and we will expedite matters any time we can.
  2. To prepare for your hearing, we can provide a simple letter for your case, to confirm that we are available to offer a solution for your proposed release plan. We also prepare more detailed affidavits and can appear at the hearing to provide testimony and undergo cross-examination.
  3. Jemtec now offers lawyers referral fees and we can discuss this with you in more detail.